It's time to take your career to the next level.

Step out of the traditional salon and step into your own personal salon Loft. We offer fully furnished spaces for beauty professionals across the industry so you can run your business the way you want. This is your vision, your dream, your salon come to life.

Keep 100% of your profits

When it comes to your income, the sky's the limit. Our salon Lofts are a flat rate, so when you see more clients, you'll make more money. It's time to ditch your commission-based salon and keep more of your hard-earned cash.

Your business, your way

Our salon Lofts provide the freedom and flexibility you've been looking for. Here, you'll set your own prices, create your own schedule, and build the business you've always wanted.

Thrive together

Building a strong group of beauty professionals is one of our biggest goals. At beautilofts, you'll be surrounded by like-minded, motivated professionals where everyone is welcomed and respected.

Shaping the future of the beauty industry

We believe that traditional commission-based salons limit the creativity and freedom of beauty professionals, and that a new model is needed to support their growth and success. By offering fully furnished salon Lofts, we

provide beauty professionals with a space where they can create unique and personalized experiences for their clients, showcase their skills, and build their businesses on their own terms.

What's Included?

Each of our Loft spaces is designed with comfort and convenience in mind, offering a range of top-of-the-line amenities.

Inside Your Loft

Custom styling station

Custom color/back bar including a built-in hand sink

Overhead dispensary area for color and product storage

Upgraded hydraulic chair for client comfort

Eye-vac vacuum to keep your floors clean and safe

Tool holder with devoted outlets for well-organized working area

Individual ventilation for each Loft

Full-spectrum lighting to guarantee true color

Ergonomic Euro-style backwash station with neck rest for optimal client comfort

Water, electricity, Internet/Wi-Fi included

Outside Your Loft

Waiting room

Laundry facilities

Cleaning service for common areas

Loft Owner profile web page

Substantial full-service break room

Common area restroom for you and your clients

Building and grounds maintenance

Hair stylist cutting woman's hair

Business Support

Business Start Up Manual

Business Development Assistance

Retail Contact Support

Key-less building entry including auto-lock system

Licensing Assistance

Merchant Services Recommendations

Convenient, 24/7 access to your Loft

Security system

How It works

Pay a flat rate

You pay a flat rate weekly for your space. No commission or percentages here.

Design your space

Bright and bold or dark and moody? One of the best parts about owning a Loft is curating your space to match your aesthetic. Simply choose a paint color and bring your decor.

Pamper your clients

You know what your clients want better than anyone. Make them happy by choosing your own pricing, services, products and hours.

Avaliable Lofts

The perfect Loft is waiting for you. Click below to learn more about each location.

Ready to become your own boss?

Book a private, no-pressure walkthrough today and see why our salon Lofts are the perfect place for your beauty business to thrive.